Exploring the Alphabet with Zoo-phonics Animals!


Hello Pre-K children! Every week we will have a new letter to explore and a new animal to learn about using the Zoo-phonics alphabet. We will learn about the letter sound, shape and find things that begin with that letter. We will also have fun learning about different animals in the zoo! (Parents please note that the Zoo-phonics curriculum uses the lowercase letter at the beginning of the animal name.) Are you ready to explore the alphabet and find out about zoo animals? Off we go to the zoo!


1. Week One! Letter Aa! Our letter this week is A and our animal is allie alligator. You will learn all about the letter A, its sound, its shape and things that begin with A. You will also learn all about alligators! You will also practice the Zoo-phonics alphabet. Ready to begin our alphabet zoo journey with the letter A? Here we go!


  1. First we are going to look at pictures that begin with the letter A. Enchanted learning.
  2. What sound does the short A make? Follow the link and click on the letter A. Keep clicking until you get to the apple tree! Starfall ABCs.
  3. Watch the youtube Zoo-phonics video. Zoo Phonics-Sound and Signal Practice.
  4. Watch the video about alligators. Find out some fun facts, including the difference between an alligator and a crocodile. ALLIGATORS | Animals for children.
  5. Evaluation

    Objectives Yes No Sometimes
    Student will be able to recognize the letter A.
    Student will be able to say the sound of the short A.
    Student will be able to say, signal and recognize allie alligator.
    Student will name two facts about alligators.


    You have learned a lot about the letter A and our Zoo-phonic animal allie alligator. Next week we will learn about the letter B and bubba bear! See you soon!

    Based on a template from WebQuest.org

    Clipart from zoo-phonics.com